Chosen Ones Fantasy Football

Lets see your PICK. OF. THE. WEEK. (or bust idc)

League Picks - These are players that YOU have chosen as your sleepers, and busts. Forever etched in history (or HTML in this case).

Time to Judge
Eric "VP"

Sleeper - Sam LaPorta

Let's consider why Eric chose Mr. LaPorta. My theory is that it sounds like Laporte, and he misses James. But some would say that it perhaps has to do with the fast pace offense of the Lions, a weak division, and a reported strong camp by the rookie TE, as well as filling a hole with the Hockenson departure. I lean to my first hypothesis.

Bust - Austin Ekeler

This is mildly disrespectful, but I wholely understand his point. Ekeler went from a 3-10 touchdown a season guy to a near 20 average a season these past 2 seasons. Eric is clearly predicting the RB decline and the touchdown regression, and potentially new targets on the Chargers slowing Mr.Ekeler down.

James "Utah"

Sleeper - James Cook

cough Picking your own player again huh?cough Classic James. 3 years in a row. Utah changes nobody. Cook is a solid runningback. Problem is he's on a team allergic to running the ball and allergic to passing to runningbacks. Unless its goalline. Then their RB1, Josh Allen takes it. Bad take James.

Bust - Michael Pittman

Here is what I will say. Pittman is a talented guy. A monster. I mean last year, he got 141 targets. Albeit, it was Matt Ryan targets. Now he gets targets from a QB who completed 53% of his passes in college. There is also reports they plan to run the hell out the ball with Taylor/Richardson so I expect Pittman to be a bust as well. not shabby.

Bryan "Moon-Man"

Sleeper - Kenny Pickett

I love this pick but I also hate it. I love it because he is in a prime position to play better in year 2 with a better line, and supposedly a monster camp. I hate it because of Matt Canada, the OC, who remained after last year. I hope the kid does well. Nice one.

Bust - Rhamondre Stevenson

Interesting take from Bryan. I think this is more indicative of the Patriots rough schedule + offensive line troubles + a shaky last year. However, their offense has been humming in camp as of late. So I think this is a fine pick, but its also possibly Bryan eats some crow here.

Aaron "The Trophy-Buster"div>

Sleeper - Mike Williams

cough Picking your own player again huh?cough Well, 3rd year in a row of picking your own player. Hopefully he's better than.. Ty'Son Williams.. lol. But I will say this is an interesting pick because Mike Will had a good year until his injury (900 yards in 13 games), and he has been gifted a new OC who may or may not target him as often. This is a fun pick. Even if its because you have him. again. again.

Bust - DeAndre Hopkins

Well, this is fun. Hopkins is undoubtedly talented. He racked up 700 yards in 9 games. His only problem is he is now the #1 WR on a offense dedicated to ramming the ball down the other teams defensive line. And he also has a undoubtedly worse QB than Kyler Murray. And his average depth of target has regressed incredibly quickly. This is a safe pick, if boring.

Tre "Habitual Line Stepper"

Sleeper - Drake London

You can have him for 3-5 first round picks buddy. Jokes aside, this is a safe pick by Tre, even if its a homer pick. He is a second year WR, and came on late with.. Mr.Ridder at the helm of the offense. For reference, he put up 85 yards a game with Ridder. My only issue is that the offense is very run heavy with a dynamic Bijan.

Bust - Coopah Kupp

I love this take. Granted, now we know Kupp is on IR, but his hamstring seemed to be built like mine, which isn't great. Not to mention his QBs are all out, and hammy injuries never look good. This is a good safe pick me thinks.

Andrew "Ze Mute"

Sleeper - Rachaad White

cough Picking your own player again huh?cough Welp, I have to say, I don't get it. White hasn't been great at anything. He caught a ton of passes, sure, but that was with RB Dumpoff master Brady. And now its Baker at the helm. This pick is... fun lol.

Bust - Najee Harris

Predicting a Warren backfield split at least I see. I kinda agree. Najee is good. Boring but good, like a mildly seasoned piece of chicken at McDonalds. Now.. If that same meal is served at a Ruth Chris, we got a problem. McDonalds is round 5-6 ADP, and Ruth Chris is round 2-4, where Najee fell.

Will "Da Champ"

Sleeper - Bijan Robinson

Uh ya know. I don't know who's sleeping on Bijan. I feel like you'd need a gallon of melatonin to sleep on him. But, hey, thats our champ. For now.

Bust - Trevor Lawrence

Man. This is a hater pick. But I get it. Lawrence got a lot of hype this offseason, for some good and bad reasons. Good is Ridley + his division sucks. Bad because.. well.. his division sucks. So they could just run the ball on half the teams here. We'll see how this goes. Interesting pick here, unlike the sleeper.

Nando "WR Whisperer"

Sleeper - Khalil Herbert

Okay, so normally I get mad about people picking their guys, but Herbert is not a big time name. He is on an offense where he projects to be RB1, and his team seems better. I say this is a fun pick, even if a big of nepotism was involved.

Bust - Davante Adams

Ultimate breakup. This is sad to see but I get it. Fernando isn't saying Davante sucks, he's saying Josh McDaniels sucks. And he does. That being said, Davante still put up 1500 and 14TDs regardless. So.. he could be good.

Eric "2.0"

Sleeper - Rachaad White

Finally. Not a nepotism pick. I went over it earlier with Andrew, but to reiterate, Rachaad has opportunity but it may not appear as fluidly as it did last year. Proceed with caution.

Bust - Anthony Richardson

Sizzling take here. While yes, Richardson stays in the free agency in our league, his ability to run and the offense supposedly becoming "Greg Roman-ish" makes you think Richardson could be dominant here. I say that we will see why Lamar is special and its more than just being fast. That being said, he does have QB1 potential.


Sleeper - Luke Musgrave

Man, I like Musgrave. He is a dog. He ran a 4.61 at the combine at 6'6 250 and he supposedly is tearing up camp with Jordan Love. That being said, he is a rookie TE. I think I may even pick him up. Great pick by me as always.

Bust - Derrick Henry

Third times the charm eh? I tried 2 years in a row and this bastard still keeps it up. That being said, he has an aging O Line, no defense, and a surging Colts and Jags might knock Henry into late RB1/RB2 territory. I hope.